Sunday, May 20, 2007

No Skunks Allowed or Tolerated!

You may recall in my last post I mentioned we had a skunk that was feeding on our two weakest hives. We had enclosed the apiary in electric fence to ward off bears, but we had not considered that some freaking skunk would take an interest in eating our bees.

Last weekend we constructed a fence out of chicken wire to keep the skunks out. We installed three foot chicken wire around the apiary and folded the bottom one foot of it so that it lays on the ground and we nailed it firmly in place with large staples. I put some pictures of it up on the website.

I got a new camera that takes some awesome pictures and I took a few of the girls busy around the hives. You can check them out on the website too. I got pictures of the guard bees warding off honey robbers, the guards greeting the foragers, the girls fanning the hive entrance to regulate the temperature, a drone, girls with over loaded pollen baskets and several others. I swear I could sit and watch these girls all day long. They are simply fascinating. I took over 75 pictures (although only a few were posted to the website) and got particularly close to each hive. The girls tolerated me quite well. Only one time, after several minutes of being quite close to the hive, did a few of the girls head butt my hands several times. I decided they had enough of me and moved on to the next hive.

I also took some pictures of the homestead and some pictures of the wildlife and flowers on our property. Check them out!

Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend and we'll be on the homestead for the long weekend for the long weekend. I'll be sure to post some pictures!

Bee Happy,


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